The Old Schoolhouse

Preschool & Childcare

Objective and Philosophy


  • We believe we can make a difference.


  • We believe each child is a child of God, with unique talents and individual personalities.


  • We believe that if we make a difference in one child’s life, our life’s purpose is fulfilled.


     To us, teaching is not a profession; it’s a passion.  Without passion and dedication our children’s future would resemble a sunset instead of a sunrise.  Our days are long and often difficult.  But, we thrive on passion to enhance our world’s tomorrow.


At The Old Schoolhouse Childcare and Preschool our mission is simple…to be facilitators of learning through your child’s play.  We want children to develop a solid sense of “self” by providing an environment which encourages children to follow their curiosities, safely test limits, learn boundaries and discover the “whys”.  When your child outgrows the need for preschool, it is our hope they will know the reasons they should ask questions, have the self-esteem, confidence and courage to ask them and have the emotional security of knowing that failures are a necessary part of future success.


As each of you has entrusted us with your precious children, we’ve learned as many new and valuable life lessons as they have.  We’ve learned to be more flexible when possible, to respectfully stand our ground on the important issues and we have learned the deepest meaning of mutual respect.  We’ve experienced the joy of first steps as well as heartache when families we love move on.


We’ve also discovered we will never stop learning about your children and the unique qualities each child and their family bring into this group.  And, without fail, just when we think we’ve figured out what makes your kiddo tick, they’ll look at us and say or do something that will make us laugh hysterically, completely reinforcing the fact that children and adults do not think alike!









It is a privilege to spend our days with children.